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Let go of poor Africa. Still today, the images and narratives of Africa resonating in western mainstream thought allude to an eternally poverty stricken people helpless in the economical, ecological and political turmoil of their own making.

While purporting to capture these stories to spark change for a people in need, this over-exposition has curated lucrative stereotypes in developed countries for companies in the charity sector. Blackwash is feature length documentary de-constructing this imagery, mixing contemplative cinematography, provocative social commentary and stylish contemporary film making.

Co-directors Keren Chernizon and Daniel Siqueira curate a collage of sights, sound and voices from cocoa farmers, fishermen, artists, athletes, activists and policy researchers across West Africa, contrasting western projections against the everyday diversity of it's citizens.

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Extra Interviews

Mike Anane – Environmental Activist
3 Minutes
Bill Osei Akomea – Lawyer
3 M
Dankwah Foster – Social Worker
#SelfieSaviors, fame and philanthropy in the social media era

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